We love hearing about how Dona has helped places of worship and charities. We've shared some of our feedback here.

St John the Baptist Cathedral, Norwich

St John the Baptist is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the UK.

They saw a decline in cash donations and sadly had been subject to cash thefts. 

We provided them with our Digital Collection Plates (contactless donations) and the Donations Webpage (online donations). 

Due to the quick and easy setup, within a couple of days from ordering, the cathedral was ready to accept card donations with contactless and Chip & PIN.

Exterior of St John's Cathedral, Norwich.

Started with Dona: March 2020
Products: Donations Webpage and Digital Collection Plates

Raised £3,000 in May during the lockdown.
67% of donations were Gift Aided.

Dona’s online donation platform proved invaluable when the Cathedral had to shut due to lockdown. Their system provides clear and comprehensive information on donations and Gift Aid. They are very responsive and nothing is too much trouble for them.”

Matthew Fernandez-Graham
Director of Finance at Diocese of East Anglia

Corpus Christi Church, London

Corpus Christi church is located in Brixton, south east London,

There was an emergency meeting called to develop a parish response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including financial needs: Dona was chosen.

We provided them with a Donations Webpage (online donations) to allow the congregation to donate from home whilst the church was closed.

It was quick and easy to setup – their Donations Page was live within 24 hours.

Since the re-opening of churches, Corpus Christi have started using a Digital Collection Plate to receive contactless card donations.

exterior of corpus christi church, brixton

Started with Dona: April 2020

Products: Donations Webpage and Digital Collection Plate

Raised over £2,000 in May during the lockdown.
88% of donations were Gift Aided.

The Dona system was very simple to use and integrate into our website. It meant we were up and running with an online donation facility quickly which is what we needed. Very good service and we’re happy!”

Fr. Matthew O’Gorman
Parish Priest

East Ren Centre, Glasgow

East Ren Centre is an Islamic Community Centre in Glasgow, established in 2011, with the generous support of the local Muslim community.

Noting that less people were carrying cash to give Lillah/donations to the masjid, we provided them with two of our Digital Collection Plates (for contactless donations).

With one fixed in place on the wall, and the other used portably along the rows of people after salat, they have been able to increase their donation income with ease and success

Started with Dona: July 2021
Products: Digital Collection Plates

“Dona has provided our masjid with a simple and efficient way to raise funds for those in need, fisabilillah. With clear screen options that allow brothers and sisters to donate generous amounts for Lillah, our congregation has taken up this new way of giving with ease, alhamdulillah. With less people carrying cash, this transition has made sense and worked really well for us!”

Management Team
East Ren Centre

Lantern Arts Centre, Wimbledon​

Lantern Arts Centre has strong community presence and is funded by donations.

They saw a decline in cash donations so explored digital giving options: they decided on Dona.

When they had to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, they switched from using the Digital Collection Plate (contactless donations) to using the Donation Webpage (online donations).

They refunded community tickets for cancelled shows and asked for donations in return online – a smart way to receive Gift Aided donations.

Started with Dona: March 2020
Products: Donations Webpage and Digital Collection Plate

Average donation size over £40.
81% of donations were Gift Aided. 

Not only can givers state what they want the donation to be for, but they can also declare their Gift Aid status all in the same process. This saves us lots of chasing and paperwork and of course increases the value of the donation.

The functionality is slick and the user experience is good, even for those who are less used to using technology in this way.”

Steve Rees
Operations Manager 

Our Lady of Lourdes, Glasgow

Our Lady of Lourdes is a church in the Archdiocese of Glasgow, Scotland.

The parish finances were drastically down during the pandemic and they were grateful to receive support with Dona.

We set them up with an online giving page which they linked to from their Facebook stream of Mass and their website.

Due to the slick sign up process and the flexibility of options, they were taking donations in no-time.

interior of church

Started with Dona: April 2020
Products: Donations Webpage

Average donation size over £50.
98% of donations were Gift Aided. 

“Dona has provided a safe and effective way for people to contribute to parish finances during a difficult time. I hope it will continue to be as useful in the weeks and months ahead. Very grateful to Benedict and the team for help and advice!”

Fr. David Wallace
Parish Priest