Digital Collection Plate

Accept card donations

Our Digital Collection Plate is a self-service card donation point for places of worship and charities.
We built the Digital Collection Plate (DCP) for places of worship and charities who want to increase their weekly collections, offer an alternative way to give or provide a more hygienic option to receive donations given the COVID-19 pandemic.
Places of worship and charities are busy places, so we have made the DCP easy to setup – we aim to get you taking donations within 48 hours of ordering.
Manage your donations, Gift Aid and DCPs using the Dona Management Portal. Works in tandem with the Donations Webpage.

For more information, pricing or a no obligation demo, get in touch.

Accept all major payment methods.

Supported cards

Get guidance from us on how to effectively implement contactless donations.

Capture more Gift Aid with our unique automated Gift Aid feature.

Use our secure and compliant solution - EMV certified card reader, FCA approved payment processor, PCI DSS compliant card data handling, GDPR and HMRC compliant solution.

Accept contactless and Chip & PIN donations.

Deploy via secure and lockable floor stand, table stand, wall mount or use handheld.