Contactless and Online Donations for Churches

Contactless and Online Donations

Made Easy for Churches 

Contactless and Online Donations

Made Easy for Churches 

We accept all major payment methods

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What is Dona?

Dona empowers churches with the latest online and contactless technologies.

Digital Collection Plate

The  Digital  Collection  Plate is   an  easy  to  use  self-service device  that  collects  donations  via  contactless  or  Chip & PIN.  Users  can  submit  a  Gift  Aid  declaration.  Dona  will  automatically  track  Gift  Aid  for  recognised  supporters.

Management Portal

Using  the  Management  Portal,  churches  can  instantly  track  their  donations.  The  Portal  can  also  be  used  to  configure  the  Digital  Collection  Plates  and  manage  Gift  Aid  declarations.

Donations Webpage

The  online  Donations  Webpage  allows  churches  to  collect  card  donations  and  capture  Gift  Aid  declarations. This can be integrated  with  your  existing  website  or  shared  with  your  supporters.


Dona has been purpose built for churches. Our cutting edge software is packed with powerful features to help churches connect with supporters to their cause.

Gift Aid

Supporters can register for Gift Aid on the Digital Collection Plate. Dona automatically logs repeat donations for Gift Aid.


Dona uses PCI – DSS certified technologies to provide the highest level of data storage and transfer security.

Track Donations

Track all the donations you receive and filter them by device, time, category and more.

Supporter Relations

Capture emails via the Gift Aid form to keep everyone up to date with the latest news and church appeals.

Manage Devices

Control all your Digital Collection Plates through the Dona Online Portal, customising each one to suit the situation.

Self Service

Dona can be carried around as a portable collection device and also installed as a self service kiosk.


Give your supporters control over where their money goes, by customising categories for different appeals.


Our Customer Success Team is on hand to deliver the highest level of user experience.


All payments with Dona are handled by our payment processor who ensure that our payments are processed in accordance with the highest security standards.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the highest data security standard used in the credit card industry concerning data transfer and data storage.

FCA Authorised

Our Payments are managed by an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) authorised organisation.


Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security are ‘encryption protocols’ that protect data that is transmitted over the internet. We are using a 256-bit encryption, the highest possible level at present.

EMV Certified

EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is a payment method based upon a technical standard for smart payment cards and for payment terminals and automated teller machines that can accept them.


Pretty Good Privacy is an international standard for secure personal data storage.

Tamper proof

Our card reader is tamper proof and designed to shut down as soon as third party interference is detected.

Why Contactless Donations?

The way we pay is changing...

Contactless is on the rise. Everyone needs to keep ahead of the curve and churches are no exception. At Dona, we want to help you meet your supporters where they are. We realise that the smallest inconvenience can put off donors. That’s why we’ve developed a way for churches to thrive in a cashless world with contactless donations. 

About Us

Dona is a product of Regium Consulting, a London-based specialist technology consultancy working in partnership with churches and charities.

Regium Consulting’s mission with Dona is to help churches and charities maximise their donation revenue.

We are not here just to make a profit; we are here to help churches and charities. With Dona, we want to bring a world-class donations solution to churches and charities at a low cost.

In-line with our mission, 5% of all Dona’s profits are given to charitable causes.

The name “Dona” comes from Latin, meaning “gifts”.

Dona contactless donations in action


Dona is a trading name of Regium Consulting Limited, a London based technology firm working with churches and charities.

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