Contactless payments up nearly 50 per cent

May 2023

This is one reason why we are passionate about helping charities adopt collecting donations with contactless payments…

New data from Barclays reveals that a record-breaking 91.2% of eligible transactions in the UK were made using contactless payments last year.

This trend is set to continue as Brits continue to embrace next-generation technology in buying and selling, transforming the way we fundraise in the UK.

The data, compiled from billions of Barclays debit and credit card transactions, also shows that mobile contactless transactions above £100 rose by a staggering 109%.

Click the link below to read more about the rise of mobile wallets, the increase in high-value transactions, and the growth of contactless in various sectors. 

The Dona Team

Image of article by barclays showing contactless payments up nearly fifty percent